Ribolla Gialla GrapesBlock 3 was planted with FPS (01) with SO4 rootstock .

Ribolla Gialla Flavor Profile

The grape is believed to have originated in Greece and made its way to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia by way of Slovenia. The first written documentation of the grape was in a 1289 notarial contract on vineyard land in the Friuli region.

Ribolla is suitable for all kind of vinifications – from sparkling, through fresh and wooden-aged whites, sweet with noble rot (botrytis), and all the way up to the Orange wines made in amphora.

Orange wine is a kind of white wine which behaves like a red. Which has a structural presence, a texture, a depth and a frame of reference altogether different and grander than the conventional white wines that we know. In a fresh dry style, Ribolla produces pungent and sappy in scent whites, with balanced, vivid yet vinous flavors of lemon, grapefruit and saline edge.

This wine will age wonderfully for years to come.

Our Ribolla Gialla Vintages


In The Vineyard

Date Temp Notes
9/28/18 55^F First harvest of about 1 ton of RG
Grape Ripening Data
Date Brix TA pH Notes
9/28/18 22.2 7.2 3.45

Grapes sold to Harrington Winery in San Francisco. Bryan is noted for his working with lesser known varieties. Half of the lot was fermented in Stainless Steel, the other half in a clay Amphora. Finish pH was as follow: Stainless Steel 3.45, Amphora 3.70


In The Vineyard

Date Temp Notes
3/10 45 Vines Pruned
4/25 Weeds mowed between rows
Grape Ripening Data
Date Brix TA pH Notes
Block 3
Year Planted: 2014
Block: One (1) acre
Soil: Cometa Sandy Loam
Depth: > 72”
Elevation: 105’
Terrain: Slightly sloping toward the South
Row Orientation: 7.5° NE/SW
Vine Spacing: 7 feet
Row Spacing: 10 feet
Trellis System: Modified California Sprawl
Cordon Height: 60”
Irrigation: Drip controlled by soil moisture sensors
Cultural Practices: Spring, mow between rows, spot spraying for cleanup, Growing Season, mildicide application not needed, hand harvest